Meet the Horses


Racing Name: Buckingham Boys
Stable Name: Lovely
Colour: Bay
Height: 17hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Terimon
Dam: No Bloomers
Races Run: 12
Trained By: Paul Webber / C. Wilesmith
Current Owner(s): Clare Poole
Retraining History: Huge success in the show ring, qualifying for HOYs 7 times as R2R, Ladies, and LWT Hunter. Now competing at Elementary BD and Veteran RoR Classes



Racing Name: Kings Grey
Stable Name: Mr Grey
Colour: Grey
Height: 17-1hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Kings Theatre
Dam: Grey Mo
Races Run: 43
Winnings: £64K
Trained By: Philip Kirby
Current Owner(s): Clare Poole
Retraining History: Great servant on the track started his retraining as a 12 year old. Qualified for HOYS R2R 2018, winning at Vale View. Other wins in 2018 include Wiltshire Spring Show and BSHA Southern Spring Show.



Racing Name: Word of Warning
Stable Name: Smokey
Colour: Grey
Height: 15-2hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: War Chant
Dam: Frosty Welcome
Races Run: 48
Winnings: £15K
Trained By: Pippa Kirby
Current Owner(s): Pippa Kirby
Retraining History: Another fabulous long serving career on the track. Has been with the team since 2014. Smokey is the most versatile ex-racehorse I have had the pleasure of retraining. This year he notched up numerous wins in dressage, showjumping, combined training, small riding horse, working show horse, and working hunter.



Racing Name: Definightly
Stable Name: M
Colour: Bay
Height: 15-1hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Diktat
Dam: Perfect Night
Races Run:
Winnings: £177K
Trained By: Roger Carlton
Current Owner(s): Mr & Mrs S. Emmet and Ms R. Emmet
Retraining History: A year into his retraining, proving to be very talented in the dressage arena with3 top 10 (incl. freestyle) placings at the 2018 RoR Championships. Now working towards elementary level dressage.



Racing Name: Nabatean
Stable Name: Q
Colour: Bay
Height: 16hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Rock of Gibraltar
Dam: Landinium
Races Run: 9
Winnings: £30K
Trained By: Sean Lycett
Current Owner(s): Lord and Lady Blyth
Retraining History: One of the newest members of the team for owners Lord and Lady Blyth. This beautiful boy will be aimed at dressage, showjumping, and RoR Challenge classes.



Racing Name: Jack the Giant
Stable Name: Jack
Colour: Bay
Height: 17hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Giants Causeway
Dam: State Causeway
Races Run: 26
Winnings: £223K
Trained By: Nicky Henderson
Current Owner(s): The Jackpots
Retraining History: Joined the team in November 2016 after winning the HOYS R2R final. Has proved to be successful in his 3rd career in BD and this year came out in hand winning all 3 of his classes at the RoR National Championships. Jack took the In-hand Championship and stood Reserve Supreme of Show.



Racing Name: Gaitway
Stable Name: Dobby
Colour: Bay
Height: 16-2hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Medician
Dam: Milliegait
Races Run: 5
Winnings: £35K
Trained By: Nicky Henderson
Current Owner(s): Miss P. Poole
Retraining History: Early days into his retraining – lightly shown this season with 2 great wins at Aintree National Show.



Racing Name: Minella For Beef
Stable Name: Beefy
Colour: Bay
Height: 16hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Saddlers’ Hall
Dam: Lady Callianire
Races Run: 13
Trained By: Laura Young
Current Owner(s): Charlotte Murrell
Retraining History: Joined the team through the RoR Rehoming Scheme and has stayed with us for new owner Charlotte. Beefy and Charlotte have already formed a very special bond and are competing in dressage. They have set their sights on the showing circuit in 2019.



Racing Name: Gidam Gidam
Stable Name: Dan
Colour: Bay
Height: 16hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Kings Best
Dam: Flamands
Races Run: 55
Winnings: £81K
Trained By: John Mackie
Current Owner(s): In for rehoming
Retraining History: In for rehoming, Dan is an incredibly genuine horse. The safest hack who also loves to jump.



Honorary Racehorse!

Name: Orion’s Earl Grey
Stable Name: Arnold
Colour: Roan (but now very white/grey)
Height: 17-2hh
Sex: Gelding
Sire: Dirk’s Orion
Dam: Bluey
Races Run: Only in his dreams!
Winnings: Lots of carrots and mints
Trained By:
Current Owner(s): Jo Sutherst
History: The longest serving team member at over 10 years. Now in semi-retirement, Arnold is a gentle giant with a big character who carries out a valuable role in the team as chief babysitter. He has an excellent calming influence on any horse that needs company and companionship.


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Racing Name: Udzungwa Forest
Stable Name:
Colour: Chestnut
Height: 16hh
Sex: Mare
Sire: Power
Dam: Uvinza
Races Run:
Trained By:
Current Owner(s): Mrs Ruggles
Retraining History: Recently arrived